ID BEADS and The Tonya Collection
“Out of the Southwest, USA”

High Quality ~ Useful ~ Beautiful

Welcome to ID Beads and The Tonya Collection by Tonya Swainston. On my site you will find exquisite necklaces at a variety of price ranges so everyone can enjoy wearing their ID to work, finding their Bluetooth or just wearing beautiful jewelry.

A Brief History

My business evolved from my need as an elementary school teacher to find something better than the shoe string strapped ID necklaces that I was given to wear at work. Then I tried a $17.00 plastic beaded ID holder from China and was unsatisfied. Finally, I used my experience making jewelry to make my own beautiful necklace ID holder with matching earrings. It’s as simple at that. I made what I couldn’t find. At that time, I sold my first ID necklace set right off my body within a week. My high quality designs are not just beautiful, but are also highly useful in any workplace requiring its employees to wear an ID badge. The reaction has been phenomenal from all who have made my unique designs a part of their lives. Moreover, because my philosophy is to incorporate utility with beauty I have specifically designed my unique necklaces to hold Bluetooths, flash drives, charms and almost anything else you can imagine that most people need in everyday life.

High Quality, Useful, Beautiful

ID Beads’ Philosophy – My philosophy is simple – if a woman must wear an ID badge at work, she should look and feel beautiful with a jewelry ID Necklace instead of one of those ugly cloth or metal lanyards around her neck. I also hope to help people stop losing their Bluetooth devices by allowing for a simple, beautiful alternative way to wear their device. Promoting the use of Bluetooths will also make drivers and passengers safer, because it allows for the critical need to prevent drivers from talking in their cars with their cell phones to their ear. Of course, convertible jewelry is also fun, especially if you explore wearing charms, eyeglasses, ID’s, and so on in support of your busy life!

ID Beads’ Purpose – My purpose is multifaceted. I hope to provide a beautiful alternative to ugly lanyards, and to educate people about the different options they have so they can abide by the new hands free laws that are in effect today in most states.

ID Beads’ Plan – Through Internet sales, press opportunities and word of mouth referrals, I will educate people about the different ways to look beautiful at work even with those ugly mandatory ID’s around your neck, and to live a safer lifestyle by never driving phone-to-ear in the car.

Customer Service Guarantee

Your opinion is so important to me. If you’re not happy for any reason please contact me. I will be happy to address your issue personally if it’s sent to There is always a solution to any problem, and if I don’t know about the problem I can’t help you. And if you’re not happy you’re not telling your friends. Word of mouth is the reason this site exists. Please allow my new and growing business to serve you in the most respectful and professional manner possible. Remember, when you do tell your friends about our products remind them to sign-up for our newsletter to receive valuable coupons.

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